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Hi!  I'm Dr. Dee Frayne

Dr. Dee is a life + business coach and performance expert, and has helped hundreds of clients execute their ambitious goals, including scaling 7 figure businesses. 


Grounded in evidence-based research, her work with clients focuses on mindset, habit formation, behavior change, goal achievement, and optimal performance.


Dee's clients achieve big, huge and even seemingly impossible goals that have radically improved their quality of life, their careers, finances, relationships and emotional experience.


Through her transformative coaching, she guides clients to remove the barriers and limiting beliefs that hold them back from living their own YES Life.

Dee earned a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership and an MBA.  Her research focus was performance excellence. Dee has more than 7 years and 10k hours of 1:1 coaching experience. Before starting her own coaching practice Dee held multiple C-level positions, leading organizations and teams to higher levels of impact and execution. 



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