Burnout, overwhelm, pressure and self-sabotage have no business being part of your journey. 

Join the Smashing Ceilings Mastermind to not only learn how to achieve every goal, but to have massive amounts of fun while doing it.



It’s beyond time for women:

  • To lead, innovate, disrupt

  • To build wealth

  • To increase their impact

  • To leave their legacy

So much of the world already makes success harder for women than it needs to be. We don’t need to add self-sabotage, doubt, burnout and overwhelm to make our goals even harder to achieve. 


It’s beyond time for you to stop under earning and underperforming. 


It's beyond time for you to stop struggling and start living on the other side of achieving your goals. 


It’s beyond time for you to smash your personal ceilings and be as wildly successful as you know you can be. 


The world is waiting for women to show up and lead. #FUCKTHEPATRIARCHY


It's OUR time. 



In this 6 month group coaching mastermind experience you’ll create the discipline and consistency to achieve every goal you set without the pressure, hustle, overwhelm or burnout.


During this experience you’ll...

  • learn how to achieve every goal, no matter how big, bold or unapologetic it may be. 
  • overcome self-sabotage and find enjoyment and fulfillment in the process of growth. 
  • be supported and held accountable for achieving massive results. 
  • learn and grow through the relationships you'll build and challenges we overcome together. #StrongerTogether


The Smashing Ceilings Mastermind includes: 

  • 6 months of weekly live group coaching sessions beginning in May

  • Three 1:1 strategy sessions (at start, middle and finish) 

  • Private facebook group with 8 months of unlimited coaching support between sessions (runs April - November)

  • Printed workbook + materials 

  • BONUS: Limitless Life Course (6 module digital course, $997 value)


This mastermind is limited to only 10 women. 


Applications close April 15th. Spots will be filled first come, first don't wait!!!

Hi!  I'm Dr. Dee Frayne

Dr. Dee is a life + business coach and performance expert, and has helped hundreds of clients execute their ambitious goals, including scaling 7 figure businesses. 


Grounded in evidence-based research, her work with clients focuses on mindset, habit formation, behavior change, goal achievement, and optimal performance.


Dee's clients achieve big, huge and even seemingly impossible goals that have radically improved their quality of life, their careers, finances, relationships and emotional experience.


Through her transformative coaching, she guides clients to remove the barriers and limiting beliefs that hold them back from living their own YES Life.

Dee earned a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership and an MBA.  Her research focus was performance excellence. Dee has more than 7 years and 10k hours of 1:1 coaching experience. Before starting her own coaching practice Dee held multiple C-level positions, leading organizations and teams to higher levels of impact and execution. 




Our brains love to overcomplicate success. They’re incredible at making simple things incredibly hard. So much harder than they need to be.


Growth is hard enough, we definitely don’t need brains making our goals even harder to achieve. 


I’ve spent a lot of time retraining my brain to: 

  • Drop the worry of doing it wrong so that I could just get going 

  • Be fulfilled even while stumbling, often very publicly 

  • Find comfort and even joy in failure rather than pain and punishment 

  • Release the shame in unmet goals

  • Celebrate every small win that builds to the big success, so that the process/journey feels good too

And not because I wanted to give myself a pass. 


Our brain tells us that we’ll get soft, complacent and lazy if we aren’t assholes to ourselves... (“no pain, no gain,” right?!)




The pain and punishment actually causes us to shut down, burnout and underperform.




Self-sabotage is the symptom. 


All the performance issues you’re defining as self-sabotage... really isn’t that at all. 


I know you think that you desperately needs to end the self-sabotage so that you can crush goals and be as wildly successful as you know you’re capable of...


But the REAL problem is your beliefs about the work itself, about failure, about who you are in relation to the work/goal. 


I know you’re a high achieving goal getter. 


The only reason why goals are harder now than they used to be is because you’ve reached the ceiling of your self-belief. 


It’s time to retrain your brain too, so that you can smash your ceilings. 




Your relationships with your goals, yourself, and your people. If any of these are shaky, it will be hard to consistently achieve your goals...or take far more energy and effort to create the result  - you’ll be fighting against yourself.   These three things are where you want to focus if your history of achieving goals is inconsistent, and you can’t depend on yourself to achieve every goal.


  • Overcome self-sabotage once and for all. 
  • Embrace failing forward so you succeed 10x faster and exponentially scale results.
  • Develop the confidence and trust to achieve every goal you set.


  • Drop the self loathing, self abuse, punishment, pain.
  • Practice self-sufficiency, self-acceptance, self-kindness, self-love.
  • Develop self-awareness and self-mastery.


  • Drop ALL the people pleasing, in all its forms.
  • Stop dialing down your ambition and playing small to make others comfortable.
  • Overcome the fear of rejection and judgment.


Most people think that in order to create massive results they need to be more productive and time efficient. That means that you need to do more faster. It’s unsustainable for multiple 6 and 7 figure results. Effectiveness is what creates high performance results. Instead of trying to do more faster, the focus shifts to doing the most effective things to create desired results. It often results in doing less to achieve more. Three areas of focus that encompass everything I do with my clients to help them create massive results in 6 months or less.


  • Create unshakeable belief in your ability to grow, achieve your goals and make it work.
  • Own your inherent worthiness and the value of your products/services.
  • Sustain your focus on the bigger vision and your commitment to long term goals.
  • Overcome fears in selling and marketing yourself.


  • Develop the skill of showing up, even when you don’t feel like it, even when it's hard. 
  • Create the urgency to taking massive action, focusing on the next step. 
  • Focus on becoming the person who achieves the goal.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with failure, and consistently fail forward faster.


  • Develop the focus and constraint to pay attention to the right things and say no to the wrong things.
  • Integrate energy management practices and spend more time resting, playing and prioritizing self care.
  • Implement continuous improvement strategies for rapid, real time results.



“Here's my story: I've been in real estate for 20 years. I've always been a very hard worker and I've always sought to be the most educated and trained agent I could be. So it was with a ton of frustration a couple years ago when I kept feeling like I was butting up against a ceiling of success that I just couldn't break through. I knew what to do. I knew how to do it... so why couldn't I get to the next level?!?


In addition to this, I also felt like I would go in waves where I was so focused on business that my family life would suffer. Then I'd focus "too much" on family life and my business would suffer. I struggled to find a balance that didn't make me feel like neglect was occurring somewhere in my life.


One day in mid-2019 while driving down the road I had a clear impression to call Dr. Dee Frayne and that she would help me "fix it." Lol, those are the actual words that came into my mind! Anyway, I knew she had her doctorate. I knew that she is a life coach with over 10,000 hours of coaching experience. So I called her up, told her of that impression I had, and that I was excited to see how she was going to "fix it!" hahaha. 


Anyway, she's a freaking magician. She'll say, "how was your week?" I'll start telling her how it's going, what's going well, what I'm up against, anything that comes to mind and she'll hear something in what I say that is some sort of limiting belief or that's holding me back and coach around it in such a way that over and over again my business goes through a breakthrough.


In 2019 I beat my best year ever in real estate sales by 25%. In 2020 I did the same volume as all of 2019 BEFORE AUGUST(!!!) while opening a brokerage. I ended 2020 with 40% growth over 2019’s results. In 18 months I nearly doubled my sales volume, started a brokerage and hired and trained 25 agents. My 2021 goal is to double my 2020 sales, and I know it's possible because there's no ceiling to my success when I'm working with Dee. 


I can't believe the impact coaching has had on my income, my happiness, the balance in my life, and so much more. It's helped in areas I didn't even know I needed help! hahaha.


My point is, hiring a coach is critical if you want help getting out of your own head and seeing things from a higher plane and higher level. Sometimes it's the small tweaks that can make the biggest impact.


Some people put it off because of the cost, but if you do the math, a coach should MORE than pay for themselves :). Anyway, just wanted to share this since I just had my weekly coaching call and already see my next breakthrough on the horizon.”



Liz Sears, Broker

My Utah Agents