What if  "ACTUALLY, I CAN..." was your first reaction to the change you want?

This journal will help you banish the shitty inner critic who keeps you doubting, spinning, and sabotaging yourself. 


The "ACTUALLY, I CAN" journal has 101 prompts designed to make you jump the fuck off the couch and scream:




Haters, doubters, and your own asshole brain be damned.


This thought provoking journal gives you the power of having a life coach in your corner, DIY style. Learn to be your own bestie, your biggest cheerleader, and create results that will make people wonder where the fuck this new, unstoppable badass came from. 



Ask yourself great questions and you’ll be amazed by what you come up with...


But most people are in the habit of asking shitty questions...and getting answers that make you feel like shit, hold you hostage, and keep you swimming in doubt. Do that long enough and you'll start to feel lost, stuck, and directionless. 


Stop asking yourself shitty questions like:

  • What’s wrong with me?
  • Why can’t I figure it out?
  • Why does everyone else but me have it going on?
  • Why am I such a loser?

Your brain uses questions as a command to search and answer... there's so much awesome locked in your subconscious mind that you're failing to connect with.


So start asking better questions. There are 101 powerful AF questions in the Actually, I Can journal to get you started.


Questions that unlock your:

  • Power + Potential
  • Passion + Purpose
  • Unique Awesomeness Gifts

Questions that help you have your own back, achieve your big bold goals, and be fiercely in love with yourself. 

Curious about the philosophy and background guiding the journal? Check out the podcast for Ambitious Women Episode 57 where I dive deep into self-efficacy. 


I've coached hundreds of humans to achieve big, bold, unapologetic goals and I can confidently report that the ONLY factor that determines whether you will succeed or fail is whether you BELIEVE YOU CAN OR NOT. 


The ACTUALLY, I CAN journal is designed to help you to silence the itty-bitty shitty committee in your head. It may sound a LOT like you, but it is in fact NOT YOU. (Just in case you've never heard me say this before: YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS). 


It's survival programming, cultural conditioning and habit that tells you that you can't, that you shouldn't, that you'll probably fail. 


And you can quiet all that noise. You CAN overcome the doubt. You CAN achieve every big, bold goal -- even the ones that are the scariest to say out loud or even admit to yourself that you want. 


The “Actually, I can” journal is designed to help you increase self-awareness:

  • Awareness is where change begins.

  • Awareness is the gateway to accepting, allowing, and truly understanding who we are. 

  • Awareness is the gateway to self-mastery and breakthrough results.  

  • Awareness will help you create freedom, contentment, and allow you to consistently reach your goals.


The decision to look inward will always give you true solutions and lasting results.


As a coach, I love to help clients apply similar questions to their own life and business...designed to:

  • Help hold you accountable to reaching your goals.
  • Find the things that are getting in the way of goal achievement, consistent results, and living your YES life.


My clients crush their goals, make more money, and see huge gains in their personal lives as well ...and this journal will help you do the same (Who doesn't love better, more fulfilling relationships - including the relationship with self; improved communication and organization; and increased mental, emotional and physical wellbeing?!?!)


Hi!  I'm Dr. Dee Frayne